Current Charity Project

Our current project is collecting handmade donations for Rush Copley Medical Center's NICU. They have a Level III NICU and accept preemies as young as 23 weeks gestation, low birth weight infants as small as 450 grams, babies born with congenital conditions or medical complications, infants requiring special care or surgery, and of course healthy full-term infants.

The NICU is most in need of blankets for the babies in the hospital. They can range from 12 inches to 36 inches. We hope to provide at least 500 blankets for the babies at Rush Copley.

The NICU also needs hats, booties, and headbands. The average full-term infant needs hats that are 11-15 inches circumference and 5-6 inches from top to brim. Preemie hats of various sizes are also needed. Our goal is to provide 1000 hats and as many booties and headbands as we can collect for the babies at Rush Copley.

The hospital asks that all yarn be SOFT and machine washable/dryable - any fiber type or color is ok if it meets these 2 requirements. Please use your best judgement on yarn choice, for example, make tiny preemie hats out of fingering or baby weight yarn, etc.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank you to all who have helped!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed items to the NICU project.  We are nearing the end of the semester and therefore, the end of this project.  We have managed to collect a large number of items for the babies at Rush Copley NICU with your help!  We still have a couple more weeks to go (and another group of items already collected to post)

Here are some of the recent donations!

Audrey Wirth of IL - 1 blanket

Rhonda Haavisto of MA - 2 blankets, 2 hats

Bonnie Jacobs of NJ - 1 blanket

Susan Ipavec of OH - 5 hats

Devon McKee of CA - 5 blankets

Devon McKee of CA - 3 hats

S. Jehl of IN - 38 hats, 6 booties

Lucille Winter of IL - 75 hats

Lucille Winter of IL - 11 blankets

Sugar Grove Library - 5 blankets

Sugar Grove Library - 35 hats

Jenny McIntosh of Scotland - 4 hats

Marsha Curtis of IL - 6 blankets

Marsha Curtis of Illinois - 6 blankets

Lucille Winter of IL - 17 blankets, 44 hats

Sugar Grove Library - 3 blankets, 3 hats

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elspeth said...

Wow, Lucille was prolific! They all look great!